What is Social Security?

Guernsey’s healthcare system is funded by the Social Security Department whose revenue comes from an earnings and income related contribution scheme paid for by local residents. In addition to funding the Health Benefit Scheme, Social Security contributions are used to provide financial assistance in old age, incapacity, unemployment, maternity and death.

Social Security contributions of 7% of gross earnings (capped above a certain amount) are deducted from each employee’s salary with employers contributing a further 6.8% (capped above a certain amount) to the scheme.

A different rate applies to those who are self-employed.

Islanders who do not work, but who receive revenue from other sources are also required to pay Social Security contributions.  

To find out more information and to which rates and caps would apply to you, visit the States of Guernsey Social Security website.

Reciprocal agreements also exist between Guernsey and several other jurisdictions so that people who have lived and worked in other countries before or after living in Guernsey can ensure that their social insurance contributions paid in Guernsey will be counted towards their contribution record in the other jurisdiction and vice-versa.  Refer to the States website for more information.