I have the time, knowledge and contacts to make your move to Guernsey as easy as possible.

If you are considering a move to Guernsey as a High-Net-Worth (HNW) or private individual, I have the skills & experience to help you at all stages of the process, ensuring your relocation is less time-consuming for you.
I am able to undertake confidential and impartial feasibility research in the first instance, to see if the Channel Islands will work for you as a Private/HNW resident. An independent and unbiased overview will ensure that you will be able to make an informed decision about whether Guernsey will be the right place for you to make your home.


The favourable tax situation makes Guernsey a very attractive option. I make all the required introductions to trusted and valuable service providers, such as a wealth manager, company secretary, trust manager or tax advisor. A free consultation with a tax advisor, knowledgeable about Guernsey tax as well as that of your home country, is of huge value.


I have good relationships with officials within the Government of Guernsey and should part of your relocation involve bringing a business to Guernsey as well, I work closely with Locate Guernsey and can make personal introductions to ensure a smooth transition.


I can also guide you through the housing requirements and how they will apply to your personal circumstances. A brief explanation can be found here.

For a confidential discussion on your relocation plans, please contact me.

Liesl Esterhuizen