How can I help with Corporate Relocation?

Moving a new employee to Guernsey from abroad is a costly process for any business. My service can help by:

  • Conducting an orientation tour and providing an overview of Guernsey during the interview stage
  • Providing an independent point of contact to answer all questions and manage expectations as well as provide guidance on cost of living, housing market, things to do etc
  • Ensuring the employee makes a fully informed decision to prevent unsuccessful relocation and appointment
  • Working alongside your HR department to ensure that the relocated employee is settled and ready to start their job from day one
  • Providing relocation support in line with the package pre-approved by the business
  • Finding a permanent accommodation solution from the start and therefore save on temporary accommodation costs
  • Assisting the spouse/partner during relocation and settling-in
  • Helping with all the needs around the family especially where there are children and/or pets involved
Guernsey Relocation Services
I am happy to create a bespoke service around your business needs for new employees to ensure a successful and streamlined relocation.