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I can work alongside you to explain and facilitate the process and ensure you pay a fair price for the property you select. To make use of a service that will save you both money and time, take a look at my services.

Buying a property can be a complex and daunting prospect, let alone for an island newcomer, so here are a few pointers for purchasing a property in Guernsey:

The sale price of a property is usually broken down between realty (land and buildings) and personalty (contents such as kitchens, bathrooms etc.). In general, this is usually 5% personalty and 95% realty. Document duty is payable by the purchaser on the value of the realty at a rate of 3% for all properties with a realty value greater than £250,000.

The purchase process in Guernsey differs from that of the mainland UK. One aspect to keep in mind is that you have the Right to Withdraw from the purchase, if one of the Conditions of Sale is not met by on time.

Before you start to house hunt in Guernsey, make sure that you understand the buying process and be aware of the costs involved to complete your purchase.

Finally, please note that if you own assets in Guernsey, it is advisable to make a will of realty, as the Inheritance Law of Guernsey will govern the treatment of this particular asset.

Here is an overview of what to expect in terms of payable fees:

  • Document Duty– this is a tax payable to the States of Guernsey by the purchaser on the value of the realty at a rate of 2.5% for all properties with a realty value greater than £250,000. Purchasers also pay legal fees of approximately 0.75% for properties up to a value of £350,000.
  • Court and Greffe Fees– payable to the States of Guernsey, in the region of £300.
  • Legal fees– these are negotiable depending upon the value of the property and complexity of the transaction, and should be quoted for you by your advisor at the outset.
  • Immunity Certificate– £7 payable to the States of Guernsey. It is not obligatory to obtain, but the certificate gives a new owner immunity from any breaches of planning laws by previous owners of the property after 2009.