Why is Guernsey


When asked to describe Guernsey by those who don’t know the island, I tell them to imagine an island surrounded by crystal blue waters, rugged cliffs and sandy beaches, offering the best of everything British with a touch of Continental flair. It is a place where motorways, political parties and VAT don’t exist and income tax is at a flat rate of 20%.

Located strategically between England and France, Guernsey offers 24 square miles of beautiful countryside, a stunning  29-mile long coastline and a mild climate. Independent from the UK, the island has its own democratically elected parliament and makes its own laws, as well as setting its own budget and levels of taxation.

Although Guernsey is NOT a tax haven, its tax regime makes it a very attractive destination for businesses and individuals alike.  Personal income is taxed at a fixed flat rate of 20%; corporation tax for non-finance related businesses is currently at 0% and there is no VAT, no capital gains tax and no inheritance tax. For wealthy individuals, tax increases in the UK have highlighted the fiscal advantages of moving offshore. Guernsey’s geographical proximity to the UK and the rest of Europe, coupled with the advantages of a British culture and education system  with no language barrier, make it a very attractive alternative to other offshore jurisdictions. Read more about the tax system in Guernsey here.

Guernsey offers a British culture and educational system and some fiscal advantages.

Watch the trailer to the locally produced Discovering Guernsey film. To see the full film on DVD or streaming, please click here.

Quality ofLife

The quality of life enjoyed by the island’s 62,000+ residents is exceptional. Executives who move to Guernsey appreciate a more favourable work-life balance, enjoying the adrenaline of a dynamic “city” job, without the long commutes, traffic jams or parking fees. The locals will dispute the fact that traffic problems are non-existent, but compared to the mainland, it is really not something to cloud your day.

Given the size of Guernsey, it can only take a few minutes to be out of the office and on the beach, having a surfing lesson or indulging in other hobbies that city workers often don’t manage to fit in. Children can also participate in a range of after-school activities as travel time around the island is short. Guernsey is a wonderful, safe and friendly environment for children to grow up.

Opportunities for leisure and recreation on Guernsey are many and varied. Islanders make the most of their surroundings and a wealth of clubs and activities are available including sailing, surfing and coasteering to name but a few. Theatrical events and concerts are also regular features of the island’s social calendar. There are also a variety of drama groups and musical groups to join and get involved with. There are many options for places to eat in Guernsey with a thriving restaurant and bar industry.

Try a Guernsey cream tea, sample varieties of local gin, beer and cider or enjoy fresh fish and seafood caught right on your doorstep.

The sporting opportunities  are exceptional and it is a tribute to the standards of coaching on Guernsey that many islanders go on to reach international acclaim in their chosen sport. Local sporting heroes include three-time world touring car champion Andy Priaulx and Heather Watson, the British number one tennis player and first British woman ever to win the Junior US Open Championship.


is also a favourite pastime of locals here. Pop over to other islands in the Bailiwick of Guernsey for the day or even overnight. You can even catch the ferry to France and explore Brittany, Normandy & beyond.

Guernsey is known as the “island of flowers”  and the turn from Winter to Spring is breathtakingly beautiful. The well-known Raymond Evison, winning consecutive Gold medals at the Chelsea Flower show creates his magic here in his Guernsey Clematis Nursery.